The Facts

5,199M Mt Kenya
5,895M Kilimanjaro
4,562M Mt Meru
3,070M Mt Elgon

Where to go


East Africa offers numerous climbing opportunities including easy hiking, technical rock climbing ascents and beginner rappelling descents.

East Africa's hills and mountains offer many hiking safari routes, with no technical expertise required; only an eagerness to explore and a basic fitness level is needed. On these routes you can hike, scramble over rocky kopjes and perhaps explore caves.

Tanzania's Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain at 19,000 feet, can be summited without any technical expertise. You choose your ascent from many different routes.

Mount Kenya's lowest peak, Point Lenana, can also be reached without technical expertise. The 16,000 feet altitude does make the climbing difficult, but no ropes or other climbing equipment are needed. For the more adventurous and experienced climber however, Mt. Kenya's other two peaks, Nelion and Batian, do require technical equipment and a fair amount of experience, as the difficulty grade is high for this climb.

If you would like to try technical climbing or rappelling, Tanzania's Lake Manyara is well worth a visit, providing a fun break from the safari drives. Here you can try your hand at cliff climbing and descents with expert guides who will teach you the basics, while ensuring your safety. Perfect for the adventurous beginner!

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