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Dry (June–October)

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Adventure camping is for those who truly wish to leave the beaten path and explore the distant wilderness.

Using small, two man igloo style tents with roll-up mattresses, sleeping bags and folding camp tables and chairs, adventure camping is possible in areas where larger camps, requiring supply trucks and large vehicles, are not found. Adventure Camping may use donkeys as your supply carriers or the more usual 4x4 Land Rover or Land Cruiser. Using public campsites or natural clearings, your creature comforts are catered for with a dedicated camp cook producing delicious three-course meals and a camp crew to set up and break down camp. Traditional short drop safari toilets are used; heated water in bucket showers is available at all the campsites.

Although the camp crew helps you set up camp, this type of safari normally involves game walking as well as game drives; we recommended Adventure Camping for the physically fit safari travelers.

Surrounded by the vast wilderness of East Africa, with the sounds of the African night around you, Adventure Camping is truly an adventure!

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