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Peponi Hotel

Peponi Hotel, Lamu, Kenya.

Type: Hotel

Region: Lamu

Activities: Snorkeling, Sailing, Scuba Diving

Safaris: Volunteer Vacation

"When you go, pick your companion well. Peponi is not to be wasted." - John Hemingway

Travel back in time to Lamu. This small, coastal town offers tantalizing glimpses of life as it was five hundred years ago. A fascinating mixture of Arabic, Indian and African cultures, Lamu is one the original trading outposts of the East African coast.

Sited on one of seven islands in an archipelago, this ancient trading town is one of the last remnants of a trading empire that encompassed the entire East African Coast. This distinct Afro-Arabic culture, the KiSwahili, has provided East Africa's lingua franca and a fascinating mixture of cultures for the modern visitor to explore.

This old town of tall houses, narrow streets, intricately carved doorways, hidden courtyards and deserted, white-sand beaches is the home of Peponi Hotel. This family-run, small hotel is rated as one of the best hotels in the world.

The Hotel
Set upon a headland of Lamu Island, Peponi offers a view of two worlds. On one hand, there are the historical scenes of Lamu Old Town, the calling to prayer of the mosques, black buibui-clad hennaed ladies and tiny, one roomed, local shops. On the other hand, there is a magical tropical beach, considered crowded with ten people and rimmed by the Indian Ocean's endlessly moving blue waters.

Peponi Hotel was never planned. It simply happened. Starting as the Korschen family house, over the past 30 years Peponi has grown into a 24-bedroom hotel offering attentive service, delicious meals and endless relaxation. Peponi is personal; you arrive as a guest, and leave as a friend, anticipating your return before your departure!

Peponi's charm lies in its magical ambiance. Every part of it, the architecture, the smiling staff, the sea breeze, the fresh food, the views and even the smells, create a spell that entrances.

Peponi Hotel is on Lamu Island.

Discover the Lamu Old Town on foot or by donkey (cars are not allowed on the island). Watch as halwa, a traditional, local sweet, is made in large copper cauldrons, or barter for hand carved wooden furniture. Explore the coconut matting homes of the fishermen and watch the ancient art of ocean-going dhow building. Carpenters and herbalists, jewelers and coffee houses...there are an infinite variety of experiences.

Wander through the development of Swahili culture in the Lamu museum, itself a piece of history as the original Omani fortress of Lamu. Ceremonial horns, jewelry, handicrafts and the old seagoing vessels of the traders that created Lamu are all here to be investigated.

Venture out to the ocean to deep-sea fish, dive or snorkel, or relax on a full moon sailing dhow boat-cruise through the archipelago. Explore the endless white sand beaches during the day and savor delicious seafood dinners in the evening.

Enjoy seafood, the beach and old Lamu Stone Town from the comfort of Peponi Hotel.

"White-washed walls, huge verandas, white net-draped beds open to the breeze and brightly colored cushions on which to relax. Cold glasses of freshly squeezed limejuice, giant prawns in garlic butter, a sudden flashing smile from my waiter. Swimming at dawn, the turquoise Indian Ocean, sailing in a dhow. These are just a few of my memories. Visit and take away your own." - E. Colvin

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