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"The game in Samburu was even more plentiful, and more diverse, than I remember from 20 years ago." R.W., USA More Comments

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"Kitich Camp was a wonderful experience of being deep in the bush and very close to nature in combination with Italian refinement demonstrating itself in excellent cooking and a beautiful laid table in a dining room on a floor of white sand." K.P., Holland More Comments


Homes in the Kenyan Bush - In the Bush

Ol Kanjau, Greater Amboseli, Kenya - Eco-resorts

In the Bush
Ol Kanjau
Patrick's Mobile Camps

Farms and Ranches
Ol Malo
Ol Jolai
Lewa Downs

On the Water
Tana Delta
Mundui Estate

Ol Kanjau Camp

Get lost in Greater Amboseli with Mike and Judy Rainy! Ol Kanjau, a traditional safari-style tented camp situated just outside Amboseli National Park, is kept as simple as possible so that you can still "listen to the quiet, smell air clean enough to eat and try to count a million stars".

Amboseli, found at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro, is home to a growing population of elephant; the Rainy's will introduce you to several of 52 known matriarchal elephant families.

Amboseli, meaning "salty dust" in Masai, is an ideal medium for following animal tracks. After just a few hours on foot with an excellent guide, reading the tracks is like reading a well-thumbed book, learning about animal secrets.


The Masai Mara holds the greatest and most diverse concentration of wildlife remaining in East Africa today, famous for its lion and cheetah population. It has some of the finest East African scenery and is home to a great fighting tribe, the Masai, and a rapidly disappearing hunter and gatherer tribe, the Il Dorobo.

Rekero Cottages and Tented Camp, Masai Mara, Kenya - Eco-resorts

Rekero, Ron and Pauline Beaton's family home, caters for ten guests in comfortable, thatched cottages with ensuite bathrooms; their traditional tented camp accommodates up to twelve people.

Rekero provides you with the opportunity to interact with the local people and the wildlife, gaining an intimate understanding of the Mara. Rekero also allows wildlife viewing on foot as well as by 4WD vehicles, allowing you to get very close to nature. Wildlife viewing in the Masai Mara with the Beaton's is tailored according to the wildlife movement, steered away from mass tourism. In addition, elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard and many other species regularly visit the waterhole located 30 yards in front of Rekero.

The Beaton's and their Masai partners are a good example of a community conservation initiative. Cultural visits to neighboring Masai communities, along with an insight into Masai bush craft, make a visit to Rekero a special experience.

Kitich Camp

Kitich Camp lies in the southern part of the Matthews Mountain range, a remote and rarely visited area of Kenya, with the only area road running to the airstrip! This six-tent, permanent camp is nestled in a verdant grove of fig trees, indigenous flowering shrubs and prehistoric cycad palms on a bank of the seasonal Ngeng River, surrounded by thickly wooded hillsides and craggy peaks.

Kitich Camp, Matthews Range, Northern Kenya - Eco-resorts

The people of the southern Matthews are the pastoral Samburu and Soyei who used to gather in the upper valley on the Ngeng River for feasting, singing and dancing. The only neighbors are these local villagers who work at the camp; as they know the area so well, they also act as your guides.

The camp itself consists of spacious tents, with safari bucket showers and ensuite bathrooms. A private swimming pool is shaped into the river rocks, providing complete privacy. Your host and owner of Kitich is Giulio Bertolli; he visited Kenya as a client and decided to stay!

Kitich, meaning "the place of happiness", is a lush oasis amid arid surroundings. The wild animals of the region have found refuge in the valley of the Matthews mountain range. Elephant, lion, leopard, greater kudu, waterbuck, forest hog and buffalo are among the species to be found here together with over 100 species of birds.

Patrick's Camps

Mobile Camping allows you to wander the wilderness, setting up camp wherever the whim, or the wildlife, takes you. Patrick and his dedicated staff offer personalized luxury, mobile, tented safaris in the Solio and Aberdare Mountains circuit, the northern district parks such as Shaba, Samburu, Loisaba and Meru, Tsavo East and the Masai Mara. With this expert team to take care of your every need, your safari adventure will be the holiday of a lifetime!

Kitich Camp, Matthews Range, Northern Kenya - Eco-resorts

Patrick Reynolds's Mobile Camp at Tiva River
In the huge expanse of the Tsavo East National Park, Patrick Reynolds and his Mobile Camps will take you exploring. Using a combination of the small, traditional tented safari base camp at Tiva River and comfortable fly camps, Patrick and his attentive staff allow an unparalleled opportunity to roam through the African bush. Unrestricted by the need to return to a stationary lodge, you are able to follow the wildlife as they traverse the starkly beautiful Tsavo landscape.

Patrick Reynolds's Mobile Camp at Solio
Solio Camp guests contribute to the continued protection of rhino, as well as the conservation of the land simply by staying at the Camp. Your presence provides needed jobs to the local community, reducing their dependence on extractive land use patterns. The Camp is seasonal, designed and built to ensure minimal impact on the natural environment.

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