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A dikdik, one of the smallest and most graceful antelopes.

Welcome to Eco Wild!

In this issue:

1. A second cuppa eco-coffee!
2. Exported elephants: A third solution
3. Did you know that...?

1. A second cuppa eco-coffee!

Last week, we looked into the eco qualities of our favourite java. I received some interesting feedback from that issue; I'm glad to report that Nick Menzies of the Ford Foundation in Nairobi confirms that there are African alternatives to US based Starbucks and Conservation International for an eco-friendly cup of coffee!

He wrote: "there is an ongoing project in Uganda to develop a market for a mix of wild and organic coffee. The wild coffee is harvested from Kibale Forest through memoranda of understanding between neighbouring communities and the Uganda Wildlife Authority, and the whole project is being developed by a group of interested parties and donors including:

  • Makerere University Biodiversity Field station (to monitor sustainability and impact on the forest)
  • University of Utah in USA (technical assistance)
  • IUCN
  • Global Environmental Facility (GEF)
  • Uganda Coffee Marketing Board
  • Private Sector Foundation (Uganda) (to build capacity among the communities to manage the income earned from the project Ford Foundation)

It is early days yet, but the project promises to be interesting and important for future initiatives involving communities in managing important natural resources...."

2. Exported elephants-a third solution

This week I also received some thought-provoking ideas concerning how to handle the exploding elephant population. I was reminded that a third solution exists, in addition to relocation and culling: contraception. I will be writing more about elephant contraception next week; if you have any other elephant population ideas or questions that you would like discussed next week, please email me at anne@eco-resorts.com

3. Did you know that...?

....80% of the world's population still depends on medicinal plants for their primary health care, especially in developing countries where the most plant diversity is concentrated and access to city health clinics is limited?

....africanews.org is a great site featuring Africa's news online?

....crocodiles are believed to descend from dinosaurs and engage in two months courtship before mating and producing eggs?

....poaching and deforestation have reduced the number of Vietnamese wild elephants to 100, down from 1500-2000 a decade ago?

I hope you enjoyed this week's issue as much as I enjoyed writing it; now I encourage you to take some action and go wild about East Africa, wildlife and ecotourism!

Thank you for your support!

Article ideas, quiz ideas, general feedback and other suggestions are always welcome! Please send them to: anne@eco-resorts.com.

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For permission to reprint this or any article from Eco Wild (formerly HMS corporate newsletter), please contact Anne Loehr at: anne@eco-resorts.com.

Copyright 2000 - All Rights Reserved Anne Loehr

Anne Loehr
P.O. Box 120
Watamu, Kenya

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