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Activities on Safari!

Activities on Safari in Kenya and Tanzania.  vast majority of African safaris involve jumping off an airplane, climbing into a vehicle and driving huge distances over rough and rocky roads in search of the "Big Five" animals. Once the requisite number of photos has been taken, it's time to get out of the vehicle, jump back into the airplane and head home.

Instead of scratching the surface, why not explore the real Africa while enjoying your favorite activities at the same time? Whether you wish to scuba dive, mountain climb, white water raft, butterfly hunt, horseback ride, walk, camel trek or simply sun bathe, there is a place for you in East Africa.

co-resorts is proud to present a range of safaris that give you a true taste of Africa. Each personalized itinerary provides a unique insight into the natural beauty of Africa's landscapes, people and wildlife. With activities ranging from mountain climbing, bird-watching boat rides through crocodile infested waters, camel trekking and photo-stalking elephant, there is something to satisfy everyone's yearning for adventure.

From four to eighty-four years old, whether a naturalist, anthropologist, photographer or simply an explorer, there is an endless variety of activities to experience in East Africa. Come and taste the real Africa; your memories will last forever!

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  • Bird Watching - More than 1,000 species of birds are found in Kenya and Tanzania, from spectacular raptors to inconspicuous cisticolas.

  • Mobile Camps - Hannington Speke, the celebrated 19th Century Explorer wrote, "In my camp I feel the tempo, the pulse and the freedom that is Africa. To live in any other way is to lose that intimate bond between myself and nature."

  • Adventure Camping - Using small, two man igloo style tents with roll-up mattresses, sleeping bags and folding camp tables and chairs, adventure camping is possible in areas where larger camps, requiring supply trucks and large vehicles, are not found.

  • Bush Horse riding - Imagine riding through herds of giraffe in northern Kenya or crossing the Mara River with the wildebeest on their annual migration. Why not experience horse riding with the wildlife at the base of Kilimanjaro?

  • Butterflies - In association with the Mida Butterfly Farm, Eco-resorts offers a range of Butterfly Safaris, providing a unique opportunity to study Kenyan coastal butterflies while enjoying a relaxing beach holiday.

  • Climbing - East Africa offers numerous climbing opportunities including easy hiking, technical rock climbing ascents and beginner rappelling descents.

  • Game Walking Safaris - To walk with the local tribesmen as your guides is to experience Africa at its most elemental. On the ground, you follow the tracks and spoor of the animals as you wind your way through rugged rocky outcrops, open savanna plains and thick riverine forest.

  • Camel Safaris - There is simply no better way to explore the vast area of Kenya's Northern Frontier District. Walking with the local Ndorobo or Samburu people as your guides, while using camels as your load-bearers, you could not ask for a better introduction to the stark beauty of this little explored area.

  • Cultural Village Visits - The local villages are well worth a visit, providing an informative and educational look into a completely different culture and its relationship with the land and wildlife.

  • Snorkeling - The warm, tropical waters of the Indian Ocean are an irresistible draw to water lovers; there is no better way to explore this environment than to strap on a mask and snorkel and go for a swim!

  • Scuba Diving - Lapped by the warm, tropical waters of the Indian Ocean, the East African coast offers superb diving opportunities virtually year round, with several, well-protected marine parks.

  • Canoeing - Canoeing in East Africa is a superb way to get close to the wildlife without the noise and restrictions of a vehicle. Although not possible in all locations due to hippo and crocodile populations, canoeing is possible in some of the Rift Valley lakes.

  • Mountain Biking - For the fit and adventurous, this is truly an exciting experience! See Africa, her people and her wildlife from the ground as you cycle through deserts, forests, up mountains and down valleys.

  • Nairobi Activities - You will probably make a stopover in Nairobi, Kenya's capital city. There are plenty of great day-trips and outings to make here.
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